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Well hello there.

We've made an app and we think you'll like it.

We know how complicated it can get when trying to work out the costs of buying a house; we've been there.


That's why we did the hard work and created an app that gives you a financial snapshot of your potential property purchase. Property Calculator Australia calculates your major upfront costs, final loan balances and ongoing mortgage repayments. 


Its apportioned over two simple screens, so it's clear and concise. That gives you time to do more interesting stuff.

And, it's free to download!


Here's a snapshot 

Calculator page.png
Results page.png
Saved items page.png

App features

See how the numbers stack up based on a 5%, 10% or 20% deposit.

Its okay if you have exactly $186,347.

We'll allocate your cash accordingly.


Australia's most hated tax.

But, you still need to know how much you owe.


Payable to the bank if you have less than a 20% deposit.

We are proud to be one of the very few calculators that take this into account!

Customise your loan repayments:​

  • Interest rate

  • Loan term

  • Principal & Interest

  • Interest only




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Our story

2015... a property calculator app was born!

We did what no one else bothered to do; we worked our butts off to create a holistic app that hadn't been done before.

It would be bloody awesome.

Our app now has over 50,000 downloads!​

We've patented it, because it is one of a kind. It offers you flexibility and convenience, combining several useful calculators into one.​

And, results are instantly available at the click of a button. 

Oh, and its also ad-free; we don't like to annoy people.

It's the bees knees.

We've been featured!

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We take pride in our app and have taken extra care to ensure our calculations are correct, having gathered our data from reputable sources.

Where changes occur in the industry that impact the calculations, we will update our data in a timely manner to ensure our results are accurate.

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